American Mortgage Network: A Remarkable Journey from 100% Employee Ownership to Inc. 5000 Ranking.


In the dynamic landscape of the American financial industry, where businesses constantly strive to make their mark, one company has risen to the occasion with an inspiring story of success and collaboration. American Mortgage Network, a national mortgage lender, has not only secured its position on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list but has also achieved a commendable ranking of 63rd among financial services companies nationally, 153rd in California, and an impressive 18th in the bustling city of San Diego. At the helm of this remarkable achievement is Joseph S. Restivo, the President & CEO of American Mortgage Network, who attributes this success to the collective effort of the entire team, rather than his individual leadership.

The Inc. 5000: A Symbol of Excellence

The Inc. 5000 is a revered annual list compiled by Inc. magazine that showcases the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the United States. It is not merely a compilation of statistics, but a testament to innovation, strategic vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence exhibited by companies across various sectors. To secure a spot on this prestigious list is to be recognized as a trailblazer, a company that has not only weathered the storms of competition but has emerged stronger and more resilient.

American Mortgage Network’s Ascension

American Mortgage Network’s journey to the Inc. 5000 list is an inspiring tale of dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. As a national mortgage lender, the company operates in a sector that is both competitive and crucial for the average American’s dreams of homeownership. The company’s approach to business involves not just providing financial services, but building relationships and fostering trust with clients. This client-centric philosophy has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the company’s remarkable growth.

The Power of Employee Ownership

One unique aspect that sets American Mortgage Network apart is its status as an employee-owned company. Employee ownership isn’t just a structural decision; it’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of the business. Every employee becomes a stakeholder, invested not only in the company’s growth but also in its reputation, values, and success. This sense of ownership fosters a culture of collaboration, accountability, and a shared vision. This unique model empowers each team member to contribute their best, knowing that their efforts directly contribute to the company’s success.

Joseph S. Restivo: A Leader Who Empowers

At the helm of American Mortgage Network is Joseph S. Restivo, a visionary leader who understands the significance of a united team. Instead of basking in the limelight of success, Restivo humbly attributes the company’s achievements to the collective effort of every employee. His leadership style exemplifies the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent, providing the necessary resources for growth, and fostering an environment where innovation can flourish.

Restivo’s approach is not just about leading from the front; it’s about creating a space where each team member feels valued, appreciated, and motivated to give their best. This leadership ethos not only aligns with the principles of employee ownership but also echoes the sentiment that it takes an entire team to achieve great feats.


American Mortgage Network’s journey from a national mortgage lender to an Inc. 5000 honoree is a remarkable testament to the power of collective effort, employee ownership, and visionary leadership. Securing the 63rd spot among financial services companies nationally, the 153rd position in California, and the 18th rank in San Diego is a feat that speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to excellence.

Joseph S. Restivo’s acknowledgment of the contributions of every employee is a refreshing departure from the conventional top-down leadership narrative. It serves as a reminder that success is not a one-person show but the result of a harmonious symphony of ideas, efforts, and commitments.

American Mortgage Network’s journey is more than a business achievement; it’s a story of unity, empowerment, and the potential that can be unlocked when a team is united by a common purpose. As the company continues to grow and evolve, its example will undoubtedly inspire others in the financial industry and beyond to embrace collaboration, nurture talent, and relentlessly pursue excellence.