American Mortgage Network’s Hybrid Consumer Direct Division: AmNet Direct


American Mortgage Network is charting a new course in the mortgage industry with the introduction of AmNet Direct, their new hybrid consumer direct division. Designed by Joseph S. Restivo, the President and CEO of American Mortgage Network, this 100% employee-owned company is pioneering a unique concept that fuses the speed and efficiency of consumer direct lending with the personalized service of retail lending.

Speed, Cost Savings, and Superior Service

AmNet Direct is built on the principle of providing swift, cost-effective, and superior services. The company has demonstrated its commitment to these principles by closing loans in as little as seven days and cutting costs by as much as 60% for the consumer.

Employee Growth and Industry Innovation

The model also breaks away from the standard consumer direct models by providing employees with room for growth. In most companies, once an employee reaches the president’s club, their growth prospects are limited. However, Restivo’s hybrid model, backed by his extensive background in online marketing, allows loan officers to grow beyond the president’s club.

Restivo’s innovative approach has not only created new types of positions in the industry that did not previously exist but also attracted a significant number of new employees. In the few weeks since its setup, American Mortgage Network has recruited upwards of 50 loan officers from existing consumer direct companies.

Expansion and New Facilities

The first major hub for this new AmNet Direct is in Phoenix, AZ. There are plans to open additional facilities in San Diego, CA, Orange County, California, Dallas, TX, and Tampa, FL.

Leveraging AI for Efficiency

On Monday, July 24th, 2023, AmNet Direct is set to roll out a new software system integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to eliminate human error and accelerate the entire loan process. This groundbreaking innovation is expected to increase industry efficiency and lower costs for consumers, making mortgages more affordable for first-time home buyers.

A Vision for Improved Quality of Life

Joseph Restivo is a firm believer in the transformative power of homeownership. He asserts that owning a home significantly improves people’s quality of life, both mentally and financially. The mortgage banking industry has traditionally been slow to adopt technology. However, Restivo has always been a forward-thinker. Over two decades ago, he developed a digital document system to reduce his overall expenses as a loan originator.

Even though many companies were initially uncomfortable with the idea of digitising mortgage loan documents and consumer supporting documents, today, no one deals in paper anymore. Everything in the mortgage industry is completely digital.

A Bright Future

The future of the mortgage industry looks promising with the introduction of the hybrid consumer direct model. The loan officers who have joined the team are extremely excited not only about their career prospects in the most challenging market the industry has seen, but also about the forward-thinking platform that AmNet Direct provides to create efficiencies.

In conclusion, AmNet Direct is set to revolutionize the mortgage industry, offering unparalleled speed, cost savings, and service, alongside exciting opportunities for employee growth and advancement. To find out more about this innovative company, visit